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    Blane and Rob were High School acquaintances that always had a passion for music and electronics. They were the first ones in the area (years ago – before bass was in cars) to tear apart some 15″ FISHER home speakers and put them in their cars. Crowds of people would gather around their cars just to feel the bass. This was in the late 80’s. Nobody had ever heard bass like that before. Well, many of their friends wanted speaker enclosures built. They went to work building all kinds of different designs for many different vehicles. They actually were building these enclosures in Rob’s apartment. Yes, a table saw in the living room. Stapling carpert on …..Wow, what a mess! The neighbors were not too happy. After supplying all of the neighborhood with their speaker boxes, they decided to place an ad in a mail order magazine. Outrageous Audio was formed.

    Blane being the crazy advertiser, and Rob as the book man and the money manager, it formed a perfect working relationship. The first day the ad came out, they were overwhelmed with orders. They had so many orders they didn’t know what to do. They first got a warehouse out in Boring, OR, and soon out grew that. Then they found a location on 192nd and Stark. They were very apprehensive to sign a long lease…..but they did it anyway. The mail order business was going crazy. They decided to put a sign on the front of the building. As soon as they put the sign up, people came in, and bought up all of the speaker boxes as fast as they could be made. It was not long after that, that they had amps, decks, alarms, etc.

    It was several years before the big audio companies took note of the incedible business these two had created. Now, many years later, still with just one location, Blane and Rob have built an incredible business, winning many awards from KENWOOD & KICKER as well as many other companies in recognition of their outstanding customer service, and presentation of each companies products!

    Blane and Rob have built this store from the ground up, and felt that other locations would ruin the “home grown” feel of the store. You can stop in anytime, and you will be treated like family at Outrageous Audio. Come see our new demo car… (AWESOME) check out the new gear, or just stop in to say hi. You will never be pressured like the big chain stores…..that is what makes Outrageous Audio so special!

    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to show you how good your vehicle can sound!

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